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Quick question...

Yesterday I picked my car up from the dealer (they fixed the electrcal problems) and was taken out by a Washington D.C. cab driver. He smashed my rear driver side door in completely, but there is no structural damage.

I'm not sure what his insurance company will do, but I'm doing my research ahead. From past experience of a car being stolen, I did some leg work and pocketed some of the settlement cash so I may do the same here.

My question, can the door (with electric guts) be replaced with a junkyard standard door (non electric guts)? And once painted, will there be a major difference in color, a difference that will require the whole car being painted at once? The paint job is excellent. Hope these are not stupid questions.

89 190E 2.6 Metallic Red up top and dark burgundy on the AMG panels.


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