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bad "CAR"Ma?

My luck has been so bad lately, I am thinking of just buying a bicycle to get around with....

To put a long story short, as most of you probably know, every car we have is broken.

We got the SL back, it was going beautifully, then broke again.

The Rolls just got new brakes, and is only ready tomorrow.

The Range Rover has a bad radiator, and possiblya cracked block.

My car is pretty much ready, just awaiting wheels to arrive.

So I rented a car, because well I had no transport at all. I got a brand new 2003 Nissan Sentra, with 1400 miles on the clock.

I'm driving it back from taking my dad to pick up his SL. All of a sudden, the sentra is pouring thick white smoke out of the exhaust. I took it back to the rental place, and guess what, blown headgasket. I checked the oil when it happened, and it was about a quart high. Coolant level was normal. Engine was so clean, it still looked like new.

That is hopefully the end of my bad luck streak. I'm afriad to get my car back now too, because who knows what will happen next...

Thank god one of my best friends, is letting me use his Truck, because he isn't driving it at the moment. Its the truck we are building up as a show car, so its basically got no interior in it at all except the drivers seat. Because all the rest of the interior has been sent out to be completely custom done. But at least its transportation for a few days.

My dad went out and rented a new beetle to drive until he gets one of his cars back. That car is not bad, actually quite peppy, but to me, still ugly, and it was definately not made for large adults to sit comfortable in the front and rear. The dashboard is like 3 feet long, really weird. And this rental has 11k miles and has rattles just like most VW's I have ever seen. But other than that, it drives nice, and handles quite well.

Is this the end of my bad "CAR"ma?

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