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Originally Posted by Zeppo2K2 View Post
Thanks Takernz_30.

The block number is:

127 011 08 01

I'm hoping it is a 230SL block, because it has that 230SL head on it.

Also, do you know if the cams in a '69 230 and a '72 280 would interchange?
I'd put the 230 cam into the 280, switching the towers also. The 280 has a bad lobe, the 230 is stuck.

Thanks, Ron
the block no. is a match for the head that you're inquiring about, definitely a 230SL. Early M127s have 4 main bearings later ones have 7.
About the cams, the 230 cam has different cam profile from a 280, 280s have higher lift and longer duration than 230 cam, so, putting a 230 cam to a 280 engine, you'll lose some HPs, because it is designed for 2.3L engine not 2.8L.

I have read somewhere in this forum that someone installed a 230(carbed) head, 280 (carbed) cams into the 280(carbed) block, the swap gained him about 10-15 hp, due to longer duration and hi-lift cams from a 280 and smaller combustion chamber (thus raising comp. ratio) from a 230 head.

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