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Re: bad "CAR"Ma?

Originally posted by Ashman
My dad went out and rented a new beetle to drive until he gets one of his cars back. That car is not bad, actually quite peppy, but to me, still ugly, and it was definately not made for large adults to sit comfortable in the front and rear. The dashboard is like 3 feet long, really weird. And this rental has 11k miles and has rattles just like most VW's I have ever seen. But other than that, it drives nice, and handles quite well.
The Beetle is very cramped in the rear: it's that sloping roof. But there is plenty of room up front: I can wear a hat in my brother's Beetle, and I am 6'1". I like the looks, and the interior of my brother's is excellent, no rattles and very nice plastics. I gather there is a huge difference between German and Mexican build. You're right about the dash, though! Takes some getting used to.

Anyway, good luck shaking off the bad luck!
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