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C36 Overheating, both Benzes down...

Yesterday my 190E 2.6 quit while I was cruising. No warning, no noise, engine just died and cannot be re-started anymore. Gonna have it towed to the shop.

Today my 1995 C36's temp reached 115 degrees C! Investigation revealed Auxillary fans were not working and fuse is 31 blown. This supplies power to the Auxillary Fan Relay. I replaced the fuse but it kept on blowing, indicating a fault somewhere.

Does anybody know where the Aux Fan relay is? What are probable causes of the fuse blowing? I cannot use the car if the Aux fans are not working because it is the height of summer here and the ambient temps are REALLY REALLY HIGH. I cannot drive it to the shop because it will overheat in the traffic for sure.

I applied +12 volts directly to the resistor in front of the fans and they both ran smoothly.

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