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His profile says he has a C320, so he's got the automatic, FYI.
John, I'm as old world as the next guy (really!) so I know what you mean about no dipstick in that engine. Just really baffling, especially since the tube is there for the oil sucker, why NOT put in a stick?
ML Dude, yeah, the ML is really bad for pulling the plug to change oir, there's actually some rubber mounts it can splash on. On the older ML's, I want to say 98 to 2001(?) there usually is no pan or panel that needs to be removed, maybe depends on a V6 or V8. I know what you mean though, there are some that have a black plastic splash shield under that area.
I really like the oil sucker,it really does a good job, the newer the engine the better, except on the 111 engine, ie C230, C230 Kompressor, SLK230, C230 sportcoupe et al.
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