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Brake Job Price

I have an '88 560SL. I just purchased pads, rotors and sensors all around. I called a local garage for a quote to install. He says he has to see it.

I understand he would need to see it to inspect pads and rotors to know what to replace if I just took it in to have it looked at/diagnosed. But, in this case shouldn't he just tell me the hours and cost for this very specific work?

It seems he just wants me to get the car there, get it in the air, give me high quote and have me say what the heck to a higher price just 'cause I already have it there and don't want to hassle...


BTW - My back pads are low, rotors seem okay. My Front pads are fine, rotors are warped. Going to just do it all and not hassle again for while...just in case anyone was wondering.


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