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You didn't say the key wouldn't turn before. Also, is the key slot vertical or horizontal?

There are a couple of issues to check, like does the key go all the way in? If someone put something in there while you were busy doing something else, or, some crud just got in there over time and has lodged so as to prevent the mechanism from moving enough to unlock, you will likely have to go to a locksmith. If the crud can be washed away with WD-40 or the like, you might try squirting some in there. You might also try a newer key with the features that engage the pins in the lock a little less worn.

If the key slot is vertical the vacuum system for locking should handle unlocking. If the slot is horizontal, it won't. If the slot is horizontal the problem is likely in the trunk lock alone, if the slot is vertical the problem may involve the vacuum actuator as well (assuming the central locking system functions normally except for this location).

Sorry I can't be of more help, but that is about all I can think of, Jim
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