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Our local indie MB shops will install MB OE parts if you ask, but I wish that MB would be kinder to them. They get a jobber discount of only 10%, which is ridiculous. I get the same discount!

I know a few shops that would install the supplied parts, but would not offer a warranty on parts OR installation.

When I was in the auto-electronics biz, we HATED people that asked about install prices on their own parts. It's impossible over the phone to tell what the heck they've got. Also, the only problems we ever had was when someone brought us something we didn't normally carry, and we installed it.

Those customers seemed to nickel and dime us on everything, and were nothing but headaches. Case in point:

We sold AstroStart car starters. We ONLY sold them installed, NEVER over-the-counter. I couldn't stand the thought of some DIY burning his car down with something from MY shop.

However, we would install car starters bought somewhere else, as long as it was a brand we knew and trusted. But, we didn't do this very often. We charged a starting price of $110 for install. We sold the basic AstroStart for an installed price of $230, which means that the "price" on the unit was $120.

One of our competitors had a sale on cash and carry units for $115. People bought the unit down the street for $115 and wanted us to install it for $110, netting them a savings of $5.

Well, our $230 installed price included an install that was one notch above our $110 stand-alone install. Did people get pissed off! They wanted us to upgrade the install to the one we gave if you bought the gear from us. But, without the additional margin from selling you the gear, I couldn't afford the labour for the better install.

All that bickering and yelling and frustration for FIVE DOLLARS.

Finally, we instituted a policy that we NEVER installed something that we didn't sell you. We lost a little business, but it was those no-profit complainers, so things were actually better. And the install techs were MUCH happier.

I'm with Steve. Why did you buy the parts and take them home if you weren't going to install them?
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