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MB DOC, would you have any idea why my 2002 C230K with 4000 miles also has this problem? My dealer doesn't know. I've been told that there is no OVP in this car. They ran it through their system checking for errors but came up with none--directly corresponding to the no "check engine" light while experiencing the stall. This happened after driving on the highway for two hours with the AC on a fairly hot day and rolling into stop-n-go traffic. Once the engine sat for awhile, I haven't encountered the problem again. I can't believe that MB doesn't have a plethora of real answers to an issue that seems to have been around for decades in this company. The only other person I know with a new C class has experienced this problem as well. No "check engine" light for both of us. The engine coolant temp was at 90 F. I didn't stall the engine due to user error. (My friend was told it was an "automatic transmission fluke", I was told it was my fat foot touching the brake pedal and the clutch at the same time.)

Not to mention this is NOT the only dangerous problem I'm finding with my new car. Funny ... my last car, a Toyota, is 20 years old and I've never needed the hazard lights. In fact, I pulled the fuse on it 5 years ago. However I seem to be reaching for that red triangle rather frequently in my new Mercedes. I don't want to be negative but I'm just a bit dissapointed from a new customer perspective.
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