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ATT:stevebfl VCV adustment 1987 300D

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your article at the Contenintal Imports site on Transmission/Vacuum adjustments. With the original VCV, I could not get any vacuum to show on the guage at all so, I have replaced it. I can now get about 12in at idle but it builds to 12 VERY slowly. When the accelerator is quickly depressed, it drops to 0 and then quickly recovers to 12 once the accelerator is released.

Even though I have put about 2 counterclockwise turns on a new vacuum modulator, I still get pretty hard shifts at light throttle, especially from 2-3. It is better than it was, but not right. I am trying to start by getting the VCV adjustment correct. How much movement does it take to make a significant change.

I think that I have found most of the leaks and all of the other vacuum related functions of the car seem to operate properly.

I would welcome comments or any other member...

Once again, thanks for all of the help that you've left in the archives already.


Steve (8C>
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