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Yea this is going to upset some , but ,,,, thats life. We do not install parts customers bring us, go to Ryans bring a steak and tell them to cook it for you , not going to happen. I dont give prices over the phone either, I have plenty of buiness not to try to beat joe blows texaco down the road. To answer your question ,remove rotors ,repack wheel bearings and flush brake system is 3.5 hours by book. I would mic the rear rotors and turn them if I could , or replace them. Turning will run you 15.00 a rotor, and time to do rear pads and rotors is 1.4 hrs by book. So that is a full brake job, bearings cleaned and repacked and complete system flush (if moisture present , or fluid dark) for 4.9 hrs. That is called buisness, we dont make alot of money in profit from labor. It has to come from parts too. Ask anyone that owns a shop and pays the bills , it sucks. I dont own a shop but I have been a tech, bookkeeper, manager, and parts for many years and I have learned and earned the respect of my customers and fellow employees and boss cause of this. I know what we can do the job for and if it is not right after we inspect before customer gets it , well they do it again at their (techs) expense. All of our technicians have a personal relationship with our customers. We have DIYers also , I give them free advise, diagrams and instructions. When it is over their head or they dont have time they bring it to me and never complain about the bill. So understand that what the book says is what most shops go by. If it is too high for you do it yourself. I personally dont work on my own Dodge it goes to a shop , hey I could probably do it but I dont have time and I want it done right by someone trained and knows that vehicle by heart.
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