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Blower Motor Problem in 1983 240D

I have a 1983 240D. Thanksgiving of 2000 the number 8 fuse was melted and burned. The only thing on the fuse is the blower motor and the A/C compressor. At the time the A/C compressor was not working so it had to be the blower motor. Summer of 2001 I replaced the blower motor and repaired the A/C. The A/C worked fine and the blower motor. April 2002 the number 8 fuse burned and melted again. When I put a new fuse in nothing happens the blower motor does not work. I tested the fuse and there is no current running across it. I need help in fixing this problem. I do not have a clue as to what can be causing this to happen. I need to get this repaired before Tuesday because I start an internship as a pharmaceutical sales representative and my car is my office. It will make for a very uncomfortable summer in DC wearing a suit with no A/C. Thanks for any help.
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