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Originally Posted by Lexxani View Post
M117-> its either a 450 (or 350, if your talking about an early 107) (W116 cars) or a 560 (W126 cars) not a 380 or 420 (M116). Period.

You say its in a W126, is it possible that the vehicle ever has an engine swap? The information deanyl provided is compelling.

Do you have any pictures of the engine/car? Engine pics would make ID extremely easy for all of us.

Either way, the M117 is better then the M116, in my opinion, Im a little partial though, double time chain.

Ill do you on better,
Does it look like this. . .

Or like this. . .

Both of these engines are M117's. The first engine is mine, in my '78 450 SL-C. The second engine is from a '89 560 SEC (W126).
The M116 4.2 has a double row timing chain. Most single row engines were converted anyway, whether it be before or after an engine rebuild
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