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Just posted that one

Greetings UNK,

I just posted that same topic not more than a few days ago about the very same filter and I had the same results with it when I changed it out. I had one Mann on hand and used it as my replacement but I also have to more of the collapable types as well and had an order in for two more that arrived the other day. Hope there isn't a defect in the filter design otherwise several of us that buy four to six at a time are out some cash. I intend to pull the filter cover in the next couple of days and see what the Mann looks like after about 500 miles. Someone had mentioned the check valve in the stem perhaps sticking, but I can hold a lot of credability to that just yet as I'd think oil would be a sufficient lubrication to deter the check valve from sticking. Will try to keep you posted.

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