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Originally Posted by turbobenz View Post
I would try the glue method again but with something gooey. Something that can just grab into it like putty or something. What about a surgical hemostat?...
I think the challenge will be getting the piece which broke off to line up with the hole. If it was still lined up then getting something to stick in it would not be bad but I suspect it is not lined up and has fallen into the pre-chamber which means it would be tough to even get it to blow out that hole...that's why I suggested trying going in through the injector's opening which I think it larger than the GP hole.

Also, in looking at the photo again it looks like the hole which is off-center is the hole in the side of the pre-chamber...whether that will cause a problem or not I cannot answer but it might. Still, if you can get the broken part out without removing the prechamber I would do that and see what happens once you get it all put back together, but, if you do land up removing the prechamber it probably makes sense to replace it too if it is damaged.
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