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Freedom of Choice


Who would you upset? I agree with you entirely. If you can't or don't want to install customer parts that is entirely your prerogative. You have reasons for not doing so and it is a business decision. If there are mechanics that want to do so, that is their business decision.

As a customer, I have options and can decide whom I work with and how I work with them. You as a business owner should do the same. I don’t think anyone should be upset or offended either way. It was a free country last time I checked.

This whole topic reminded me of the first time I bought my own parts and why. I was having some bodywork done. I needed the black plastic cap (long strip) for the rear bumper of my 300e. When I got the quote from the body shop, they wanted about $300 for the part. That seemed high so I made a call just to check. I got the part for about $50. Is that kind of mark-up business like? In this case, I think not. Who knows, it may not even have been a big mark-up. Maybe they just had to buy it from the dealer vs. using the Internet sources I use. Supply chains are funny things these days…

I’ve heard a couple of people use the “wouldn’t bring a steak to a restaurant analogy”. Good point. However, I bet I'm not the only person who has gone fishing in Mexico or Hawaii and had the hotel kitchen cook the fish I caught. People do it all the time. They just charge you and make the money they would of off selling you a piece of fish.

Yopu can also bring wine to many restaurants that also sell wine. They just charge a $10-$25 corkage fee. They still make money and they give consumers something they are big fans of – choice.

My point is, there is no one "right" way. There are plenty of good and different ways to do business as a service provider and as a customer. Many can be considered “business like”. There are both good and bad consumers and good and bad service providers out their. It is up to each person to do what he or she thinks is right and make their own business decision.

Live and let live my friends….


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