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When I source parts for a customer the charge usually comes to between 15 minutes and an hour of time, give or take for the quantity and type of parts involved. If I sold the same thing Id make a whole lot more. A 1 hour sourcing project would get many computers, network switches, printers and so on. Were I to resell these same things Id easily make at least 2 to 3 Kilo bucks. This type of work is part of the value that I provide my customers. Case in point was yesterday when I ordered a new workstation for a customer. I spent 15 minutes on the phone and the computer will be delivered in about 4 days (free of delivery cost). The customer gets a bill from me for 15 minutes of work, the computer shows up and then I show up to set it up.

Im not suggesting that anyone ought to do this; rather Im merely pointing out that it is an option that is a win-win solution to the on going problem of parts, plus my customers absolutely love it.

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