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Question 83 500SEL grey mkt. idle revs between shifts

I have a 1983 500SEL grey market (same as US 1984) with an automatic tranny. When shifting from D to R or R to D, or from either into neutral the engine revs up to 1300 - 1500 RPM making for a very rough transfer. The idle in gear is also closer to 800 -900 and should be closer to 500 rpm.

Info - New head gaskets, reworked heads, new injectors, injector holders and boots, compression excellent on all 8, ALL upper gaskets, engine seals, vacuum fittings and tubes, new idle control valve, vacuum advance, EGR valve, plugs, wires, cap,rotor, air filter. (all MB and/or Bosch, no skimping), timing chain & guides.

ANY help is appreciated.

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