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hrmm... I have driven a land rover discover, but I have also driven a 500E, many firebird ws6s, camaro ss, covettes, porsches, and even a 360 modena (once... for like 3 seconds....) and yes, compared to those cars, the 300E sucks big time. But you are right, compared to the old 80s econo trash, the 300E absolutely flys down the road, however, since its 2002 and fuel economy doesn't count for much, I find that my benz can't hold a candle to anything on the road, I mean... you got sentra se-rs, civics, integras, and even SUVs that go faster 0-60 than the benz.... lets just face it, the 300E is slow by modern standards.... and just about everything on the road outpowers it....
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