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For those of you that have been following this post - the smell is dissipating slowly by itself. What that means, I don't think I really want to know. Most importantly, I can drive the car with the windows up now.

I did find some interesting things out about the heating/cooling system, though, while taking the dashboard apart a few times. I always wondered if there was heat coming out at the floor level of this car, adn I think the answer is no. On each side, the padded cover that hides all the behind-the-dash stuff is indented, and the heater plastic shroud actually butts up against the padded cover, acting as a stopper for the air. Almost as if getting heat ducts down there was an option, or they use the same padded cover in another model where the heat does come out down there. I think it was on the right side where it looked like some heat could escape, but not a whole lot of it.

Anyone know the story on floor heat in a 560SL?
1986 560SL 145k
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