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Go to they sell DOT legal Super White bulbs from two companies. I am not sure but the Eurolights may be illegal. Their chart states that there are two type bulbs used in C-Class. For 1994-96 it is H4 which is a hi/low combo and for 1997 up it is H7 for low beam and H1 for high beam. They sell PIAA Platinum Super White in H4 for $69.50 and $79.99 for the new Super Plasma Blue in H4. The new Plasma bulb is supposed to be all the rage right now and it and the Solaris both burn at 4300K which is close to the brightnes of H.I.D Xenon! The Solaris Ultra White bulbs are $79.99 for H4, $99.99 for H7 and $79.99 for H1. It appears that only Autosupermart sells the Solaris brand, however many other webstores sell the PIAA brands for lower prices. Both these companies have great warrenties