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I have started to try to upgrade the lighting on my 300E, which has poor lights with 9004 bulbs. I started by reading the info at Stern's website on bulbs and bulb types. On several other sites I read that the Wagner 9004BL "Xenon brightlites" were 55/60 watts instead of the 45/60 watts, and are legal. I installed a pair, ($20) and didn't notice much difference.

Over wattage bulbs (55/100 or 80/100) may or may not affect the wiring, and a number of reviews claim that blue bulbs actually result in less usable light in wet weather.

Several sites complained that the PIAA white bulbs had melted connecters and/or wires on their mustangs, camaros, and mini trucks, so I have avoided this $80 option (PIAA claims the wattages are OK, but I guess the extra heat mentioned above by akry is too much for some cars).

The Stern site points out that even a small voltage drop can have a major effect on light output, and posts schematics for installing dual relays and heavy guage wire to ensure that the bulbs get the full 12 volts. offers a pre-made relay and wiring plug in system, but it is designed to be connected directly to the alternator. If the alternator puts out the 14 volts claimed by this site, I would think that the bulbs would certainly be brighter, but also hotter, with possible damage to wires or compnents.

I am leery of incrementally spending half as much money as just installing Euro lights at the start, and winding up with only marginal gains, but Euro lights would mean scrapping the headlightwipers or installing new motors, etc. Has anyone made the switch to Euro lights? Is it worth the estimated $500?

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