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140 body.

remove the a pillars, steering wheel, woodgrain, comb. switch, radio, acc push button panel, switchs, console, glove box liner, woodgrain under center vent, eyeglass box, center vent, insterment cluster, speaker grilles, side vents, unplug h-lamp switch, bulbs for h-lamp switch illumination, unplug steering colum adjustment switch, unbolt l/h side of dash, remove l/h knee bolster, remove steering colum slide cover in dash, remove vent control panel under center vent, make sure shifter is in 1, unplug ign switch, remove switch and lock, let it hang by the cable, unbolt skrews holding r/h knee bolster to dash frame, remove bolts for r/h dash pad, slide pad upwards and rearwards, unplug r/h air bag, unplug glovebox latch button connector, and out the passenger door you go. Go slowly and place you mounting hardware with the parts you remove so you dont mix up the stuff.

tools, air bag bolt removal torx bit, skew driver with 15, 20 torx bits, #1 and #2 phillips bits, plastic wedge, 8 and 10 mm 1/4 drive sockets, 10mm short gear wrenchs are great for the dash mounting bolts on the sides. IC hooks ( I use 4 to pull the cluster) a few 1/4 drive extensions, #2 phillips skrewdriver and a small "pocket" flat skrewdriver. A skew driver is a 80 degree offset driver thats real handy for the bolts at the front of the console woodgrain inside the ashtray opening, its also handy for the 2 phillips that hold down the speaker grilles. I disconnect the battery after I set the steering wheel in the center /extended posistion so you dont fill it with SRS codes. Place the l/h bag face up on a solid surface and dragging your leather soled shoes across a carpet the grabbing this thing would be a bad idea. :-)

I have managed to sneak the pad over the ign key cly but for a first timer remove it, just make sure the key is in posistion 2 and DONT pull the key out. Remember the direction the passenger srs squib faces as you are blind on reinstall of this connector.

If you decide your dont want to tackle this alone, find a reputable shop and discuss it with thiem, just remember that most shops charge a percentage to install your parts and will not warrenty anything as a rule.

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