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To JCE and all,

JCE, you have the point. The heat of PIAA bulbs is really a problem. Although PIAA is not DOT approve, and stated on their product saying "Safe for plastic headlight cover/assembly", but I strongly advice, do NOT use PIAA Super Whites if you have plastic headlight cover, it will not only melt your headlight "sits"(what do you call it??), it will also melt(yes, and I am not kidding, it's MELT" your headlight covers. I saw couple Civics with "soften" headlight cover(and eventually crack).

I have PIAA Super White 80/110 - 110/130(the first is the "normal" wattage, second is the output claimed by PIAA), I have to admit it BRIGHT, and if you leave it on High-Beam, you would basically blind the other drivers. And let the PIAA run for 10 min, and the glass headlight covers of my W140 will heat up significantly(I will say about at least 10C increase on surface of the headlight compare to normal, factory light bulbs), though, I have no problem what so ever with the "melting your wires/switch/assembly" issue.

So, my final word is, unless you have late model. mid-luxury european(BMW, Porsche, MB, Audi...etc), don't even touch PIAA bulbs...

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