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I just finish replacing that hose, 103 094 04 82.
I started early in the morning since I figured it was going to take a LONG morning. I was wrong! It took me about 30-45 minutes from start to finish.
For future reference:
I disconnected the battery, open the gas tank (to release pressure).
I loosen the idle valve, engine wire harnes.
Removed the cold start valve (use rags for the gas coming out, not much). It pulls straigh up. Get a long 5mm hex.
Removed the old hose. It was hard and had a tear in the idle valve side (I already knew that). I used a long flat screw driver for leverage. Since it was hard and unflexible, I could not remove it by hand (thigh quarters). I ended up using plyers to grab one end and pulled it out.
Since the new hose was VERY flexible in comparison to the old one, it was easy to guide it in position. I just used a long flat screw driver to push the hose into the head.
At this point, I was static and surprise that it went in so easy. I was expecting more problems.
Since I already had it out, I also cleaned the cold start valve with carburator cleaner, and cleaned the electrical contacts.
I put everything back together. Idle is a LOT better now, and the car starts right away.
I say, if your are thinking about it, DO IT. The part is less than $10.
Good luck!
'86 300E
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