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tick tick tick help w/ e500

haven't been here in a while and general lurker in need of help. 94 e500 w/78k miles. about four weeks ago, started hearing a ticking sound just like a very loud watch. the number of ticks per minute is proportional to engine speed. it appears to be coming from the front of the engine but can't isolate which side. when i took it to dealer yesterday, it wasn't ticking but dealer says belt tensioner making noise. dealer says belt tensioner is bad and it and pulley should be replaced. says heard ticking today and believes it to be lifters and /or oil tubes. says may need to replace tubes, tappets, etc. wants to open it up and if see broken?/plugged? tubes then replace tubes. but that might not cure it and won't know unless button it up and see. also said might be a good time to replace chain rails as long as we are in there. next, check engine light had been going on and off for approximately 8-10 weeks. it hasn't been on for the past week so it and the tick didn't seem to be directly correlated. fault codes stored include engine misfire. any advice or thoughts on this matter greatly appreciated. being told i'm looking at up to $3000 depending in what they find. HELP!!!
steve kotler
coral gables, fl
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