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Chris Ecklund
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Well hello again, remember the problems I had with the ramps, where the car would not fit on them?

Well thanks to the administrator of this group, I took his suggestion and got some wood to build up another little ramp to get the car up and on the ramps.

Here are some observations I hope other 606 owners would appreciate.

When I finally got the car airborne, I quickly discovered that the entire bottom of the car is protected by belly pans, there is no exposed engine or tranny parts!!

The 1st body pan is the one to take off, and the plastic dust work that is attached is a cooler duct for the turbo.

This is where I noticed that the oil drain plug is actually on the side of the pan, and not at the back of the pan????

This goes against all laws of physics, I cant believe benz didnt think this through better. You cant drain all the oil out.

This was the hardest and longest oil change I have ever performed.

I Used the new diesel oil for the 98 model year from quaker state hdx, but it stilled turned black after 30 kms

And it still blew smoke from the tail pipe

So much for my theory on that one

Chris Ecklund
98 300 DT