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Question W210 Door Lock?

I replaced the left rear door handle on my 1996 E320 (W210) with no problem then tried to do the same for the left front side. It took more force than expected to remove the door panel and the cable to the inside door latch (to open the door) was detached at the inside door latch end. On re-assembly, I realized there was no tension on the cable from the door lock to the inside release, the outside door handle had lost normal resistance, I could not push the door lock up or down, and the lever to which the door lock cable was still attached appears to be in an extended position and will not return to its normal position.

I suspect the door lock is toast. Does anyone have any prior experience with a similar issue?

I have a W124 CD ROM Service Manual and suspect that the procedure is substantially similar except that the cable appears to have replaced the door actuation. Can anyone confirm whether it is necessary to remove the locking cylinder on the door handle?
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