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Col Tigwell
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300e oil filter

Sorry about that, but had to do some converting from the Mann number to yours, and by the way, I will do another post, that will tell you the features, but as that is another

According to the Mann list, the filter 102 184 05 01 fits most of the 300E models, it equates to W719/13 on my previous list.

The other less populair application filter mann type HU727/1
relates to the following benz part numbers, your dealer can tell you which one is current.

104 180 01 09
104 184 02 25
104 184 04 25
104 184 08 25

I suspect the last part number will be the latest no,

Will come back again, and I will see if I have any features.

So you can now see, that for the 300e, there are two filters.


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