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no center vent A/C-no bad actuator

Hello all,

I decided to see why I wasn't getting any cold air through my center vents anymore. Last year I replaced the three easy to get to actuators, ( 2 for recirc. & 1 for def. flap). I suspected the 4th one to be the culprit...turns out its not. When I attach some tubing and apply vacuum, the center vents work properly. Following the tube that supplies the actuator, led me to a narrow bank, where it is neighbors with several other vacuum tubes. Seems like it's some sort of vacuum distribution device.
So, this leaves me wondering about the mechanics of this device, and wether its removable/serviceable. I think I heard some clicking a few months ago from that area, but figured it was the thermostat trying to make up its mind.
Oh yeah, the vacuum bank also felt quite warm to the touch.

any insight/advice is appreciated.

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