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Question Steering Noise and Engine Oil Leak

Hi all,

First, thanks for taking the time to read my questions.

I have a creaking sound when turning the wheel, sounds like an unoiled hinge. I have the car up on jack stands and am having trouble isolating the noise. Of course I am having trouble replicating the noise. Not sure if it's the idler arm bushings (as mentioned in many previous notes), also thought it could be the lower ball joint.

I also hear and feel a clunking or ratling noise when hitting pot holes with the passenger side wheel. That is contributing to my thoughts that it could be related to the lower ball joint.

Would I typically replace all the steering linkage components and ball joints? Can I replace the ball joints or do I need to replace the entire lower control arm? My drivers side ball joint has a greese fitting the passengers does not (not sure if the greeese fitting is original or someone before me installed it?)

I have an oil leak which looks to be at the front side of the engine on the alternator/air conditioner compressor side. I see a lot of oil on the alternator mounting braket. Not sure where the source is, any ideas or typical sources?

Any help or advice on the source of my creaking, clunking, ratling noise, and oil leak would be greatly appreciated. PS I have the CD shop manual on order and will pick up this week.

Thank you,
1992 300e 2.6
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