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cd rom

Thanks for the reply Steve.

I have always made a point of obtaining service manuals for whatever vehicle that I owned at the time, and invariably that has saved me no end of grief at some point during said vehicle's tenure in my stable ( as small as it is).

Your reply confirmed what I have come to realize, and it is disappointing to find that as great as the vehicle, and the manufacturer is; that, they are not much better than a struggling upstart company from a third world country, when it comes to documenting service/preventative maintenance/repair procedures for distribution, at a price, to DIYers and other 3rd party repair facilities.

That being said, it does not take away from the actual vehicle itself.

It certainly speaks volumes about the individuals on this and other forums, who so freely give of their time, knowledge, and expertise to help owners of these fine vehicles, to maintain and repair such.

Again, thanx for the reply, and yes, I will return to the forums to avail myself of the knowledge that the manufacturer does not see fit to disseminate.

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