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That's what I thought it was called Steve - thanks. Where is the other knock sensor?

Over the past few weeks I had started seeing a little oil in the coolant reservoir and the other cars are running pretty good for now so I figured I would go ahead and take care of the head gasket. The car was not running hot nor showing any symptoms of having problems other than the oil in the reservoir. In addition, I wanted to go ahead and do it before it gets too much hotter (ambient conditions ) - it gets hot out there in that garage in the middle of the summer around here.

Haven't had much time to work on it today with it being Mother's day and all but give me a couple more hours and let me get by Sears to get the socket I need to remove the exhaust cam sprocket and I should have it off. Everything has been pretty straight forward so far.

I'll bet those first techs that started replacing these W104 cylinder heads gaskets liked to went into shock way back then when they "disturbed/ruined" the wiring harnesses during this job (prior to the original harness being known as a problem area).
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