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Some of these I have an idea, some I don't. I'll take them one by one
Pic #1 0253.jpg: Looks like what is being pointed to is the brake line for the right front wheel, but I am being confused by the image #5. In image #5, it almost makes it look like the rubber hose is connecting to this hose you are pointing at in #1.
Pic #2 0252.jpg: It almost looks like this hose is connecting to the cylinder head. Looking just by the knuckle of your middle finger, is that a small clamp connecting the hose to the head? I am not familiar with this particular hose on a US version.
Pic #3 0251.jpg: That's the one maybe an inch away from your finger? I'd say that leads to a reservoir, it's definitely not high pressure being a braided hose with a clamp on it.
Pic #4, That's the steel and rubber one I'm seeing, the hose is held on with a clamp. It's easy to see in the picture that it's connected to the steering gear box, if you look in the picture just below the exhaust manifold. It's the return hose from the steering gear box, as returns are low pressure and the hoses can be simply clamped like this. The pressure hose is just below it, inside the shielding tube, the connections on that would be the high pressure fittings, not clamped.
Pic #5 is confusing to me, unsure if this is related to pis #1 or not. You can follow the pipe in Pic #1 and it almost seems like it joins the hose in Pic #5 at a clamp of some sort. I'm thinking more than likely the hose in pic #5 actually goes through the front firewall.
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