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brake bleeder users vs old school

i've got a few questions:
1.with the power bleeders:do they suck out the fluid(ala topsider oilvacs) or push the fluid out of the bleed screws at each wheel
2.regardless of wether they suck or push,doesn't the master cylinder become dry and if it does is that a bad thing
3.if you go the gravity method do you have the key in the ignition to activate the pressure.hold on i guess the answer is no-that's why it's the gravity method.right? master cylinder appears to have two compartments- a forward and an aft one(why is that?).the front seems to be full yet the aft looks empty or real low.
5.why doesn't the front compartment leak into the rear to equalize the two?
i know i've asked alot and hopefully they're valid questions and will help others out as well so don't worry if you don't know all the answers,just comment on what you do know or have experienced.thanks everybody
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