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Germans don't understand our obsession with cupholders. It took them along time to put them in their cars, destine for our shores. You have to remember that most cars in Europe are stick shifts. Managing shifting and a drink, especially coffee, is not easy or safe. Also, in Germany they have very strick rules for driving. Even in the U.S., if should you get into an accident and they find that you were trying donw a Big Mac at the time, you would be at or partially at fault for not paying attentione to the road. Most Americans "live" in their cars while being stuck in rush hour traffic, so "we" feel we need to have every household convience in our cars. Our Passat has cupholders, but they get rarely used. I will not install any type of aftermarket cupholders in the Benzes. There are outfits that sell single cup holders that get screwed into your door panel. Also there is the type that fit under the center armrest. Go to www.************************ and you can find them there. They are very expensive, for just a cupholder, but they color match your interior.
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