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Angry Engineers have sick minds

This should probably be in the open discussion, but why do engineers design and build things that are so hard to work on. A general statment that covers everything from a John Deere front end loader driveshaft to, in this case, a Mercedes Benz front seat. My passenger seat quit and I can't get the damn thing out to fix it! The service manual is no help because the one in the picture isn't the one like I have! I worked on the thing for three hours and still could'nt get to the rear inside anchor bolt. Heck, you can't even see the darn thing. The only way I could figure to get to it would be to drill a hole in the seat track!! Some where some engineer probably has an evil grin on his face knowing he really screwed someone with his design. This car has got me thinking that "Engineered Like No Other Car in the World" is a negative slogan!!
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