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turbo carb help!

Well ,I still cant tune my weber carb. The turbo functions right.
The fuel bowl is under turbo pressure as reccomended...(it was like this from the begining).
Trying to configure the carb I was testing different -dont know what you call it, I ll try to describe it- little screws on the floor of the fuel bowl which fuel goes through ..
The first part of the double carb has 165 sized fuel screw...the second 185
meanwhile the mechanik was testing the gases from the exhaust pipe and said there was atrofia in the engine,so I
tried every step up until ! 300 sized fuel screw which was made of course by us with a press drill.
The engine behaves always the same.AS SOON AS I OPEN THE 2nd CARB THE ENGINE DIES.
Any idea of what could be the cause of this *@#(--)*@ problem?
Please help with ideas and suggestions.

P.S I was experimenting with air-going through screws of the carb-tried many different sizes- with no result.
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