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Exclamation What could be draining my battery?

OK, I have been searching this topic for a while and always come to some stumbling block.

I have a 1981 300tdt and I purchased an Optima "red top" battery with 950ca and 850cca to replace the 550ca battery from Texas life. ("Hot" in Michigan is "Cold" in Texas!)

Problem is, I have had to FULLY recharge it 6 times since the beginning of February (when I purchased it).

The voltmeter reads 12.0-12.5 when sitting fully charged, and 13.8+/- when idling.
That tells me that the alternator is doing it's job...right?

Here is the history: My wife's car, driven most days, short 4-7 mile trips. At least once a week we drive it for extended periods on longer trips, but still nothing major. I have recently been taking it to work (26 miles each way) once a week, and we DO drive it all weekend.

THE ONLY THING I can think of is that when I installed a new CD player, I have to rig up a wire for the channel memory directly to the battery... could this be the culprit?? hard to believe...

Just learned that the PO had some trouble like this, but it was more hard cranking issues...with a 550ca battery i can imagine! THAT problem seemed to remedy itself with the purchase of my new battery.

Questions#1: Could this be the Voltage Regulator even if the alternator is giving us these good readings? How do I test it.

Question #2: How can I test to see if there is something (like a stuck glow plug?) drawing current while the car is off?

**Please dumb-down your responces a notch or two as I am electronically challenged. Thanks~

ANY suggestions gladly accepted!
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