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This should be a 5 minute job, presuming you can move the seat. 1st step: undo front mounting bolts (seat rearward) Next, unhook the carpet that conceals the wiring at the front of the seat base (it's hooked around a horizontal seat structural piece). Next, raise the seat front & rear, and move it all the way forward. Using a 3/8 drive socket with a universal head & an extension, remove rear seat bolts. Lastly, move the seat rearward, fold the vertical upper section forward (for ease of removal) then unhook electrical connections. You're done!

BTW if seat won't operate because of crappy connections in the controller on the door, remove the little control knobs & spray some WD-40 in there. I've done this numerous times, and usually get an extra 6 months-year out of the seat switch.

Good luck
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