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95 e320 cab

my questions must have been too simple.

one, the seat has a stop, which is obviously intended to give the illusion of rear seat leg room. remove the stop. it is possible to obtain another 1-3 inches of travel. lovely discovery.

two, it would appear as if the passenger side sodium azide bag compartment can be pulled with a glove box replacing it. more great news.

three, center console compartment is easily removed, carpeting is available, now there is a place for a coffee cup. which is why i always have preffered my 86-87 560sel/sec to their successors.

fourth, can anyone explain why the top down/top up never seems to do it the same way twice. sometimes the windows all go down. sometimes they don't. is there some secret of which i am unawares? as long as i have owned this car, the only way to assure that the windows go down before top down or top up is to do it via the window control buttons - even though the benz published procedures say that the top down/top up controller should actuate that process.

i even go so far as to do it strictly according to the benz process[i.e, engine not running, parking brake enabled, ignition key in position 2]. que pasa?
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