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I am really glad that you all realize that it's a dog eat dog world in the business world. And, I am glad you all realize that you have a right to find the cheapest newcomer that usually avoids numerous business costs (health insurance for employees comes to mind at the head of a long list) to get your business with unrealistic prices and bring your own parts convenience.

But, you also must realize that real techs with real businesses do not have time for such "bottom feeders". I have to listen to your crap all the time or leave. I know at least ten excellent techs who won't deal with this site because they aren't about to give their talents and experience away to a group having individuals with such attitudes.

Before you all jump on me let me tell you how I handle such issues. I tell you about an ongoing condition with my garage door. We have a twenty year old home with a large double garage door. Our house is vertically sided with western cedar planks an inch thick. The design is placed over the door and makes it weigh about 600 lbs.

After a couple repairs by the local big garage door guys where they wanted to sell me a new cheap light weigth fiberglass door, I found a small operator that gives personalized attention and unfortunately , cheap, unrealistic prices. I came home one day to find him 5 hours into a new spring install which he had quoted my wife 1.5 hours on. The man is a hard worker, intelligent, and thoroughly capable. I made him take five hours pay. CAN YOU belive that, I doubt it as the people I am addressing haven't a clue to what I did.

Since that time we have needed him out twice again. The last time I was furious when I found that he had come out and only charged my wife 25 dollars to fix a worn out roller that had jamed the door trapping my wife's ML. I told my wife to send him at least another 50 which is his drive to site fee. He didn't charge me either of the last two times this fee. I presume he feels guilty because the door keeps having problems. From my point of view, I am asking him to be on call to rescue my wife when our special derilict door doesn't work. I like my door and I like his service and I am not going to put up with him treating me this way. I have been in business for 25 years and maybe I just know too much about why he does what he does.

He is the same guy that just got paid the rediculous price of 125 to do a brake job with rotors.

For those that DIY because you love it, I'll do everything I can to help. For those who do this to keep technicians making 20-30k a year, you deserve what you get!!
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