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You can replace the bushing in your belt tensioner/shock absorber without replacing the whole unit. I discovered replacement of the whole unit to be a nightmare. The part was not terrifically expensive, but if I had paid for the labor...

I have one good used bushing set from the old unit. Easy one-bolt replacement on the 2.6 engines. (I'll sell it for $15 incl. shipping if anyone wants it.)

The way I was able to replce it was by the use of a parts-grabber extension tool. The bolt and nut are 11MM. Once the nut is loosened to the point of falling off, the grabber is used to keep the nut from dropping off into the abyss. Don't forget to go in after the washer... Pull the bolt out only far enough to get the tensioner out. Replacement is the opposite of installation!

Good luck and/or e-mail if you want that bushing.