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I think you are making assumptions here. I am the guy that paid $125 to have pads and rotors installed. I am also the guy that paid a $100 tip on a $100 bill for a some yard work becuase I knew the guy was charging way too little. I am also the guy that brought a $2000 bottle of wine to a restaurant and shared 1/2 of it with the staff. I'm also the same guy that went to the same restaurant every day for 6 months even though I got sick of the food because I wanted to support them. The food was great, the ppoel were nice, but they didn't do much business.

The guy that did the brakes also is putting plug wires on for me. I am buying them from him. I could get them for less but I like the guy and there is mutual trust. He diagnosed the wires yesterday, I picked the car up last night to get to work today. I'll go back and have them installed tomorrow. And you know what? He has not charged me cent. Now that I'm certain it's the wire I could buy some on-line and install themmyself. I would never do that. He trusts me to come back, and I absolutley will. He now has my loyalty. I will give him gifts on holidays, I will refer everyone I know to him and I will pay him extra on occasion if I think he is charging me too little. And, by the way, I won't always know if he is becuase I'm not the expert, he is. That's his responsibility. So, all I can do is be a loyal customer. I didn't even know it was a low price. I got two quotes. The other quote I got was for $40. That's seemed way to low, so I did not go there.

In short, categorizing people does not always work. Just because someone pays $125 for a brake job does not define who they are and how they operate in the world. It's not that black and white. I'm not out to rob anyone. For you to say I make the decisions that I do to keep technicians making $20-30k a year is insulting and wrong.

Your handle says you are a moderator. I think your comment was a bit immoderate.

The main point I've continued to make is there are different, fully honest and viable ways to do business - there is no ONE right way. I understand you have a point of view about how it should be done. I fully support you in doing busines your way. But, I cannot accept your judging the way I do business. So, please, don't.


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