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aux fan 300SL

New to the forum...lots of good information here.

I have what seems to be a common problem with the aux fan not coming on at all. I've done a search on all the forums and have read the posts. Here are my symptoms. Fans do function with a remote 12vdc power source. #7 fuse intact and functioning. Jumpering HP switch at receiver-dryer causes relay to click but no power to fans. Removing connector at CTS has no result at relay or on fan operation. I removed the aux fan relay, removed the cover and inspected the relay. No apparent visible signs of damage. Contact points for both pressure side and temp side appear to be normal. I reinstalled the relay with the cap off and using a small piece of wood manually "made" each side of the relay with no results. I don't care to replace the relay if I'm not sure that it's no good.

Is there something else that I can look at? I would appreciate any and all suggestions.

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