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I agree. There are people that simply distrust mechanics and assume they are all the same. Obviously, they are not.

There are also mechanics who distrust certain groups of customers and assume they are all the same.

I would not have thought you were picking me out of the crowd had you not used the "$125" example. That clearly identified me.

I guess I have not seen the bashing in this thread. Mostly just a recount of people's experiences. I have seen it in other parts of the site and agree it is unfortunate. However, both service providers and customers alike have had bad experiences and are going to gripe about it. None of us should take it personally (but we're human - so we will).

Back to orignial question on this thread, what do you charge for the labor portion on the average brake job (including pad, rotor and sensor install and assuming nothing out of the ordinary)? You say $125 is too little. What would you consider appropriate? And, to put it in a regional context, what is your hourly labor rate?

Finally, let's pretend I did not supply my own parts and again return to the original question. Isn't it a fairly straightforward job, assuming you are going to put new rotors on and that is not a variable? And, yes, assuming in my case the brakes worked fine and there were no caliper, master disc or brake line troubles. In my case the back pads were worn, the front rotors warped but I just wanted to do everything at once and not worry about it for a while.


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