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Question My 190 NO LONGER leaks or uses oil !!!

It should be ??? instead of !!!. You may remember my thread WHERE is my oil going? from about a month ago. I have a 1991 190E 2.6 that was using about 1 qt per 600 miles. It was widely assumed to be the valve seals (or worse, the guides). Anyway, the car had a rough start and idle so I had it in the independent MB shop for new valve seals.

Tech calls me and says, you need new injectors, so I had new injectors and a new filter. Although I tended to agree with Mr. Brotherton about replacing just the valve seals until they don't stop the leaking, this tech poohpoohed that and recommended a full valve job which I vetoed.

SO, I just had the oil change, leak inspection, new fuel injectors,and they also DECARBONIZED by engine (a solution on the inside to clear out the carbon deposits).

RESULT: The injectors fixed the rough idle/start -- it runs perfectly. However, THE CAR NO LONGER USES OIL! What? Yes, I said the car no longer uses oil. Actually, after about 500 miles I was waiting for the oil light to come on because I knew I was needing to add oil (as usual) but it never came on. I checked it -- still full. Now, today, at 1100 miles I checked it again and it is STILL FULL.

What the heck is going on? The tech said that maybe the decarbonization cleared out a spot that was not allowing a good seal and no longer leaks. [Now remember, I've only had the car since November and the dealer serviced it immediately and included and oil change]. I'm thinking that, at that 1st oil change, the dealer didn't get the filter tight (or something along those lines) and then this oil change remedied that AND MY SEALS WEREN'T LEAKING AT ALL.

The story you just read is true. My car no longer uses 1 qt per 500 miles and I am perplexed.

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