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Gas/carb issue. Please Advise

My 'new to me' 1979 250T wagon with unleaded v6 runs, idles and starts fine. When I accelerate it will run fine for a few seconds then seem to bog down and stumble then roar back with the missing power. But, as I said, it idles fine. I have tightened down the carb and inspected it for obvious leaks ( none) . It seems as though there is some kind of fuel blockage but I can't see how it would idle and start fine then bog down only occasionally. Any basic tips or tricks would be welcomed. I am new to the world of Carbs. I have an old fuel injected land rover so I am used to wrenching and numerous unexplained strange occurences with electrics but this seems to be gas related and I would appreciate any advice or links to help me better understand and diagnose this problem.

Many Thanks,

Jason Bradley
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