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Old 05-14-2002, 09:52 PM
Robert Nelson
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Picked up car at 5:30 with $5600 worth of new throttle actuators.
Did not make it 20 ft before ASR light and limp home kicked in. Poor service manager is probably drinking heavily this evening. Exact same DTC's of 030 and 224. After replacing actuators, dealer drove for 20 miles with no problem, but I couldnt get 20 feet. I never could understand how two actuators would suddenly develop intermittent failures. Sounds like wiring glitch to me. Sent dealer a service bulletin I found on- line re shift lever switch, mentioned alternator, battery, voltage, harness issues, and mentioned this appears to be a cold engine issue, also, but I get the feeling the service people are not much interested in my suspicions. From the threads I have found here, sounds like all I can do is be patient, and hope OJ finds the real killer.
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